Users of newer macOS versions will find Blackhole a simple replacement, although those who've upgraded to Catalina can't be guaranteed an easy ride.

RogueAmoeba's version is four years old and AFAIK is no longer being worked on. *OS X 10.5.8+ is required to run Soundflower. Mac computers have no built-in ability to record streaming audio playing on a sound device. The following versions: 1.6 and 1.5 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. Record System Audio on macOS with the Soundflower software. The downside is that some may find Soundflower tricky to configure at first. Fixing Soundflower Installation Failed. I used to chose "Soundflower (2Ch)" as the audio output on my Mac settings and then chose the HDMI output on the SoundflowerBed app that remained on my taskbar. (which right now is nowhere.)

It opens as one or two audio devices.
Download the signed version of Soundflower using this link. The steps are also quite complicated. Soundflower for pc – Features. Soundflower is totally free and you can download it from here. Loopback can combine audio from both application sources and audio input devices, then make it available anywhere on your Mac. This method applies for older versions of ActivePresenter. Although it also work for later versions but Soundflower is known as not stable on some systems. 1. For most people and needs, the 2 channel device is sufficient. Download and install it on your computer.

Blackhole from Existential Audio is free and works in much the same way. Commonly, this program's installer has the following filename: Soundflower-1.5.2.dmg.

If you love recording all your favorite songs in audio formats, you can try some of the best soundflower alternatives. Soundflower is an effective, free audio routing solution that has some cool features such as the ability to allow different apps to access the soundcard simultaneously. Uninstalled for the moment till someone knows a fix or one is applied to the package. Hello everyone, I used soundflower to control volume and equalize the speakers of my external hd monitor.
Download Soundflower. There are two versions of Screen Recorder, one for Windows and the other for Mac. The only one that is signed and works on El Cap/Sierra and (presumably) High Sierra is this one: Soundflower has an easy user-interface and you can understand all its functions well. Sadly, as MacOS developed and its core systems and code changed significantly, support for Soundflower - which came out in 2004 - became patchy and eventually it stopped working on more recent versions of the OS.

It is a free app to use for recording multiple sound files. Soundflower shows up in the sound preferences, but there's no application installed (SoundFlowerbed) to allow me to use them so I can't control where the sound goes. How to use Screen Recorder. But then, as the Mac audio archtecture started to change, Soundflower was left unchanged, and eventually began to fail when installed on OS X versions 10.10 and above.

With the power of Loopback, it's easy to pass audio from one application to another. It also supports 2 and 16 channel audio. All in all, Screen Recorder is the best alternative to Soundflower to record music or sound files on your computer. LOOPBACK ® Cable-free audio routing for Mac. Simply, run the Soundflower package installer by double-clicking on the pkg file. Happily though, there's now an alternative. Our software library provides a free download of Soundflower 2.0 for Mac. Download the file that says “Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg” and install the dmg on your Mac like you install any other app. Our antivirus analysis shows that this Mac download is safe. Step 1 Install Screen Recorder on your computer.