fdba の定義が複数ある場合がありますので、fdba のすべての意味については辞書で 1 つずつチェックしてください。 英語で定義:Freeze-Dried Cortical Bone Allograft Fibrous cortical defect. 3D-DXA provided measurement of vBMD evolution at both femoral compartments and cortical thinning, thereby suggesting that this technique could be useful for bone analysis in these patients. Treatment and prognosis. Cortical bone trajectory for lumbosacral fixation: penetrating S1 endplate screw technique. Substantia corticalis、皮質、Cortical substance、398 34 Substantia compacta、緻密質、Compact bone、398 35 Substantia spongiosa [trabecularis]、海綿質、Spongy [trabecular] bone、398 36 Pars cartilaginosa、軟骨部、Cartilaginous part (of the skeleton)、398 37 Perichondrium、軟骨膜、Perichondrium、398 38 J Neurosurg Spine 23: 471-478, 2015 Fibrous cortical defects are small, asymptomatic, and intracortical lesions, while a nonossifying fibroma is alarge, tumorous lesion involving spongy bone and the medullary cavity of bone, and leads to clinical symptoms. Cortical bone[皮質骨] Corticotomy[コルティコトミー] Countersink[カウンターシンク] Countersink drill[カウンターシンク・ドリル] Cover screw[カバースクリュー] Cover screw mill[カバースクリュー・ミ …

In general they are negative; however, mild hyperemia and moderate bone uptake are present during healing. If extensive uptake or hyperemia is present, then an alternative diagnosis or superimposed fracture should be considered 3. It provides protection and strength to bones. ⇒cortical bone「骨皮質」 *bone cell「骨細胞」(=osteocyte) *bone formation「骨形成」 *bone marrow「骨髄」 *bone matrix「骨基質」 ... *significance「意味、意義; 重要性、重大さ」 significant「a〉意義のある、有意差のある *single「a〉単一の、単独の」 *sinus「洞 There are two types of bone tissue: compact and spongy. cortical bone中文:堅質骨;皮層骨…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋cortical bone的中文翻譯,cortical bone的發音,音標,用法和例句等。 英語で定義:Decalcified Freeze-Dried Cortical Bone Allograft DFDBAの他の意味 脱灰凍結乾燥皮質骨移植 以外にもDFDBA には意味があります。 SCI is associated with a marked increase in bone loss and risk of … 在するが,その面への骨の固着(bone ingrowthまたはbone ongrowth)が得ら れていない場合は,画像上,ポーラス面 周囲にreactive lineと呼ばれる線状の骨 硬化像と,radiolucent lineと呼ばれる骨 透亮像が認められる。一方,生物学的固

cortical boneの意味や日本語訳。中国語訳 皮质骨、骨皮质、骨密质 - 約160万語の日中中日辞典。読み方・発音も分かる中国語辞書。 Marked trabecular and cortical bone loss was observed at the proximal femur short-term after spinal cord injury (SCI). Compact bone (or cortical bone) forms the hard external layer of all bones and surrounds the medullary cavity, or bone marrow. Compact bone tissue consists of units called osteons or Haversian systems. cortical boneの意味や日本語訳。中国語訳 皮质骨、骨皮质、骨密质 - 約160万語の日中中日辞典。読み方・発音も分かる中国語辞書。

Compact Bone Tissue. J Neurosurg Spine 21: 203-209, 2014; 4)Matsukawa K, Yato Y, Imabayashi H, et al: Biomechanical Evaluation of Fixation Strength of Lumbar Pedicle Screw Using Cortical Bone Trajectory: A Finite Element Study.

A fibrous cortical defect does not require either biopsy or curettage.